Industrial – Warehouse

Industrial use buildings are typically large expanses of space to accommodate a multitude of products and/or machinery. The large scale of these buildings effects many design aspects which in turn has an impact on the client’s budget. Perspective Design has provided clients with cost effective solutions to their company’s needs, while maximizing the usable area of the structure. Our experience in site analysis and municipal negotiations allows us to get the most out of a piece of property. This experience can also be beneficial if phased construction or expansion is anticipated in the future. Perspective Design’s knowledge of cost effective materials can also reduce budget numbers. Not only can this be accomplished by the material price, it can also be done by reducing the lead time with prefabricated building components. Perspective Design has worked with precast concrete and fabricated metal building suppliers to provide buildings faster than others produced with traditional materials and means of construction.

Our experience in industrial building design will help you meet and exceed your company’s needs in the most cost efficient manner.


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